Ralun Kennels & CatteryPet Grooming

Our professional grooming parlour for dogs and cats has specialised facilities for bathing, grooming and clipping of your pets
Betty Badham, who has 30 years’ experience, heads up a team of 3 professional clippers competent in all breeds. In addition; we have 3 groomers who spend many hours patiently grooming out the knotted coats of long-haired breeds.


A designated area provides for warm water baths. A mild shampoo is used to clean and revitalise the coat and eradicate unwanted fleas! Specialised, medicated baths are available on request for various skin conditions and infestations.


Specialised, high powered driers are used to dry and groom out all types of coats. Our groomers are well trained and very patient especially when it comes to long-haired large breed dogs i.e. GSD’s, Chow-chows, Huskies, Collies, Afghans etc


Our parlour specialists cater for all breed cuts, including all-offs, puppy, trim and tip cuts. Breed specific cuts include Lamb, Poodle, Scottie, Bouvier and Spaniel. We take pride in providing only the best service to our pet visitor.

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